There is a spotlight right now on the many opportunities we have for online learning. Due to the pandemic, programs have had to shift their platforms to the web—creating opportunities for people who didn’t previously have access to a wide variety of education programs. However, a common shortcoming of online learning is that it can create barriers for collaboration and struggles to cultivate an environment that engages people with their learning.

Through platforms such as ZOOM, educators have the opportunity to bring collaboration and involvement to their online classrooms. Here are a few ways ZOOM can help with a student’s learning environment:

Connecting With Your Students
When you use Zoom to create a classroom setting, you can sync devices so you can work on the same project from your computer as well as your phone or tablet. This allows you to connect with your students simultaneously through video, audio, text chat, screen sharing, and polls without managing multiple tabs and windows.

Through this function, you can annotate in real-time, as well as have co-contributors. You can collaborate during a meeting and then take that information and continue discussion within Zoom text chat as a follow-up.

Zoom Rooms to Facilitate Small Group Learning
A part of in-person learning that can be lost online is small group work. With the breakout room feature, the host of the meeting can choose to split students into separate sessions automatically or manually. All the while, the host can switch between the groups to supervise and participate in the work going on.

For additional security the host can create a waiting room for your meeting, providing complete control of who is allowed to join, and when. This ensures that the contents of your meetings are only available to intended participants.

Using Zoom’s Tools to Create Collaboration
Zoom has taken simple features that make traditional learning and collaboration effective and incorporated them into their platform so the same level of creativity and collaboration can be fostered despite being physically apart. We can simulate what we’re missing from the in-person experience by using our online tools to their fullest potential.

When we look into the future of learning, Zoom is creating collaborative learning environments for everyone. Interested in establishing this kind of space for your work or program? Contact Create Connections at — we can help you to take advantage of all the features ZOOM has for optimizing online learning.