Video conferencing technology has made it easy for schools and businesses to transition to remote work, but did you know it can also facilitate a safe return to in-person work? Learn more about how Zoom can keep your school and office safe and secure below.

Easily Monitor Attendance

Many schools and workplaces are offering a hybrid model, combining the convenience and safety of remote work with the ease and familiarity of in-person attendance. Students and employees should not attend in-person spaces if they’re feeling under the weather—but how do you keep track of where everyone is working?

Virtual check-in services from Zoom make monitoring attendance a breeze. Staff and students can easily check-in via Zoom’s Kiosk mode, allowing receptionists and security personnel to grant access without the need for in-person contact.

Keep Your Space Safe

Many workspaces and classrooms are operating at a reduced capacity so staff and students can spread out and work safely. Zoom’s Digital Signage feature allows you to effectively monitor a room’s capacity, so you always know how many people are in one space. Additional technological features include monitoring air quality and temperature inside each space, giving IT administrators insights into the safety and security of each space.

See Everyone, No Matter Where They Are

Advanced AI from Zoom allows you to see everyone on a video conference—no matter where they’re sitting. The Zoom Room Smart Gallery scans the room and isolates each person’s face, arranging them into a gallery as if they were on individual computers. This allows facilitators to effortlessly blend in-person and remote participants together, making everyone feel included in the conversation.

Total Control Over Your Classroom

Pair your mobile device or your laptop with a larger display and gain total control over your workspace. Adjust the camera or mute the audio with ease—without touching the main room controller. The opportunities are endless when you incorporate Zoom’s wide range of software into your classroom or office space.

Don’t forget that the North Carolina CARES Act is providing Education Stabilization Fund Grants to help offset the cost of technology and services purchased in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Zoom is ending their free access sometime in 2021, so make sure you take advantage of this special offer while it’s available. And if you need help—the team at Create Connections is here for you!