There is no question about it: Rural broadband access remains a huge issue, one that affects tens of millions of Americans every single day. This is about more than just an inconvenience or not being able to stream Netflix at the speed you may want. This issue also impacts jobs, education, and economic development, holding back rural economies and the full potential of the digital economy.

Setbacks for Rural America 

Sadly, rural Americans do not have the same type of internet access as their urban counterparts. According to a 2018 survey by the Pew Research Center, 58% of rural Americans have said that a lack of internet access was a major challenge for their communities. This challenge affected many aspects of their life, including jobs, digital access, entertainment, and education.

During the COVID-19 era, that educational component has become particularly problematic. Most schools at least went to a hybrid model for a period of time, but this was a huge challenge in large swaths of rural America. Only two-thirds of rural Americans have broadband access, while 75% of urban Americans and 79% of suburban Americans can say the same. As a result, many rural Americans had stunted educational experiences during the pandemic, and this consideration was a factor in some schools deciding to reopen fully. This, of course, had an impact on the ability of parents and family members to go to work, limiting overall economic growth.

How Create Connections Can Help

The challenges of rural broadband access mean that businesses in rural America need their internet operating at maximum optimization, as anything less will hinder their already limited internet access. That’s where Create Connections comes in.

Create Connections offers a variety of internet solutions for businesses, including network optimization, cloud computing, security solutions, and more. More to the point, at Create Connections, we offer rural broadband access, no matter where you live or the quality of the internet around you. We have ample experience in this area and can help your rural business develop the stable internet connection you need, allowing you to stay in constant touch with your customers, vendors, suppliers, and more.

Create Connections offers many internet-based solutions, but one of our greatest areas of passion and expertise is rural broadband access. Contact us today for more information on how we can help your business thrive.